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Added: 12th March 2019

Capture something unique

When it’s for a special person or that ‘once in a lifetime’ occasion, you want a gift that is unique. You want something which is bespoke and personal, and something you are proud to give.

Perhaps it is a loved one’s milestone birthday or a special couple’s anniversary. Is it your child’s prom or graduation – an occasion that should be marked with the perfect gift? Maybe you want something a little bit different as a Christmas present this year (instead of another pair of socks?!).

Here at the English Charm Company, we not only offer a huge range of present options, but also a variety of ways to make a gift completely individual to your requirements.

What will you discover

Take a look around our website and you will the find an array of beautiful items on offer.

We don’t want you to have to pick something off the high street. We want you to have the opportunity to purchase something different, something exceptional and something bespoke.

We can help you create wonderful pieces of jewellery, including silver keepsakes and charms, featuring fingerprints, handprints, doodles, artworks and handwriting. 

We also offer a range of casting options, including 2D stone outprints and 3D casting, which can feature hands or feet of your baby or a whole family cast. Our newborn casts are a particular favourite.

Don’t forget your precious pet either. We can create silver jewellery items using paw prints, as well as take casts of the paw or even the nose of your furry friend! These make gorgeous keepsakes.

Come and enjoy the experience

A great thing about purchasing a gift from the English Charm Company is the experience. We offer a one-to-one service with individual appointments, arranged at your convenience. These appointments allow time for us to discuss your requests and ideas. It is time devoted to you, in order to find out exactly what you want.  We like working ‘with’ you. And it is all included in the price.

In terms of the gift itself, we take care to capture every detail. Whether it is a fingerprint or a cast, we make every effort to record every crease, every line, every aspect.

Your gift will be handcrafted, finished and perfected by an individual who truly cares about the significance of your gift. We want you to be proud of the piece we create.

Furthermore, all of our items are carefully presented and wrapped. We take pride in the presentation of our products. Our charms, for example, are packaged in a high-quality box, thread on a beautiful silk ribbon, with a certificate of authenticity, a polish cloth and care instructions included.

What makes us different

We don’t stick to any specifications! The joy of being an experienced craftswoman and silversmith is the chance to experiment and try new things, and, at the English Charm Company, we have the freedom to do just that.

Take a look at some of the products available – if you like what you see, then fantastic. Contact us to find out more.

If you can’t quite see what you are looking for, but have some innovative ideas, then get in touch. We would love to help you create something from your very own imagination.