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Family Wreath of Hands

3D casting - capturing the ‘moment’

Added: 5th June 2017

Have you considered a 3D cast? These are a wonderful way to create a very special and personal ornament or box-framed picture.

What range of products are available?

We can produce casts of hands and feet of babies, children, teenagers, adults and even pets!

A popular cast is that of the tiny hands and feet of a newborn baby. Sometimes mums book this in before they have even given birth, so they capture those tiny fingers or toes at only 1 week old! Just let us know and we can arrange an advanced appointment.

Casting can take place at any age. A family cast captures a moment in time demonstrating the love between a whole family. A family wreath of hands makes a unique keepsake. Parents’ and/or siblings’ hands entwined create a wonderful birthday present, Mother’s, Father’s or Grandparents’ Day gift.

We can also produce 3D casts of a pet’s foot (paw!) too. A 3D cast can be frame mounted with photos or we can create a cast of your pet’s paw entwined with your hand. These are incredibly sought after.

What’s involved?

You can book in a casting to be done at our studio at Worting House in Basingstoke, Hampshire, or we can arrange a home visit.

A cast is taken to create a mould. It usually takes about an hour.

We recommend you wear old clothes. It is relatively mess free and if any plaster does get on your clothes it will peel off, but we like to recommend this just to be cautious.

Is it safe?

We understand that, especially with castings involving newborns, young children or those with sensitive skin, there may be a concern about the safety of the process involved. Please be reassured that the materials we use are a derivative of seaweed and contain only natural materials, nothing toxic. It is the same stuff that dentists use to make dentures! Furthermore, for pets, we use a special conditioner to ensure it doesn’t stick to their fur.

How soon is the casting ready?

This depends on the size of the casting. A 3D casting of a baby’s hand or foot may be ready within 4 weeks, but a larger family one can take up to 12 weeks to fully dry. I can give you an estimate at your appointment.

Can I order ‘copies’?

Unfortunately, you cannot have copies made as a mould can only be used once. If more than one casting is required for multiple orders, we would need to take duplicate moulds.

3D castings are so beautiful and unique and there are so many options available.

Please enquire for more information or to ask any further questions. Email 

We very much look forward to hearing from you and to creating an item you can treasure for a lifetime.

In Loving Memory Keepsake Jewellery

in loving memory

Added: 29th September 2016

Keepsake story reaches out to social media

One evening whilst catching up on my social media accounts, we came across a post which had been shared by lots of people around the country and was very heartfelt.

It was a post from a young lady in Glasgow who was about to get on a plane to go on holiday with her friend. The friend had lost a cherished charm made for her in memory of her late father. The charm featured her fathers’ fingerprint, angel wings and his handwriting saying Dad XOXO.

Lost somewhere in the airport and after much searching and re-tracing steps, the lady had to get on the plane. They were only able to report it to the airport and hope for the best.

The lady’s friend posted the story on social media which is where I heard the news. We were so touched by this story, as we couldn’t imagine how awful that would have felt. The charms are so personal and under the circumstances all the more precious.

Feeling for her and believing we may be able to do something for her, we got in touch. We messaged her and offered to make a replica charm. We asked if she had a copy of the fingerprint or any writing from her father in a card or letter.

Luckily she had a copy of the fingerprints from the Funeral Directors and her dad’s signature from a birthday card.

We asked her to send me pictures of her charm so I could see exactly what it looked like to replicate it as closely as possible.

A few weeks later the charm was ready and I sent it to the the lady gift boxed, she was so happy when she received it. One thing we continue to learn over the years is that our job really makes a difference to people.

Handprint Footprint Fingerprint Jewellery

buy handprint and footprint jewellery online

Added: 23rd October 2015

We all like something we can treasure, whether it’s a family heirloom, or a personalised gift given in celebration of a special occasion or achievement. Jewellery doesn’t need an occasion, especially handmade jewellery. When “handmade”, no one charm or bracelet or bangle is the same as the next, so you have something that’s uniquely yours to own.

The very definition of ‘keepsake’ is an item of jewellery which has been hand-crafted and made specifically for you or someone close to you which reminds that person of a particular event or moment in time. Perhaps there’s a particular moment or memory you’d like to remember always? Why not capture that moment in a charm?

It is here at the English Charm Company, where keepsakes are made; where cufflinks, key rings, silver charms for bracelets, necklaces and other gifts are crafted for each individual customer. You might want your child’s artwork to be included on a silver charm? Or perhaps you’d like a handprint, a fingerprint, a paw print or an image transferred onto a charm?

Whatever your specific requirements, each item is personalised to meet those requirements, so that you’re left with something which is completely personal and bespoke; a unique keepsake which is yours and yours alone.